GHHMS Academic Teams


* Denotes Team Leadership

** Denotes Assistant Team Leadership

Trisha DiGirolamo - Gr 6 Counselor 
B.A. Merrimack College; M.Ed. Plymouth University

Team 6-1

*Brad Trottier- Social Studies
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 

Kim Parsons- Literature
Ms Parsons Literature Site
B.A.E. Arizona State University

Katie Tilton - Math
B.A. Villanova; M.Ed. Salem State College

Fran Leach - Science
Mrs. Leach Science Site
B.A. Rutgers University

Jessica Miele- Composition
B.A. Emerson College; M.Ed. University of Massachusetts Lowell

Amy Newton - Special Education Teacher
 Bachelor's degree from Southern New Hampshire

Cindy King- Special Education Assistant
Mary Ainscow - Special Education Assistant 
Joyce Calvetti - Special Education Assistant 

Team 6-2

*Russ Manchester
- Math
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 

Jessica Benson- Composition
B.A. Binghamton University; M.S. Southern New Hampshire University

Jennifer Sullivan - Literature
Ms Sullivan's Literature Site
B.S. and B.A. Keene State College; M.Ed. Southern New Hampshire University

Cynthia Strike- Science
Mrs Strike's Website
B.S. Springfield College; M.Ed. Rivier College

Derek Gustavsen - Social Studies

Cheryl d'Auteuil- Special Education Teacher
A.A. Keene State College; B.A. Notre Dame College; M.Ed. New England College

Mary Sullivan - Special Education Assistant 
Angie Fitzsimmons - Special Education Assistant 

Jerry Kearns - Gr 7 Counselor
B.S. Merrimack College; M.S. University of Bridgeport

Team 7-1

Kate Burke - Language Arts
B.A.and M.A.T. University of New Hampshire

Eric Werner - Math 
B.A., M.Ed. University of New Hampshire

Russ Hamilton- Social Studies
B.A. University of Massachusetts at Boston; M.A.T. Rivier College

Danielle Paradis - Science
B.S. Plymouth State University

Sarah Hicks- Composition                               
Ms Hicks Website
B.S. from Cairn University and an M.Ed. in progress from Southern New Hampshire University.

Amanda Young - Special Education Teacher
B.A D'Youville College
M.S D'Youville College

Marty Landers - Special Education Assistant
Cathy Ward- Special Education Assistant 
Jackie Paton - Special Education Assistant 
Ann DiPasquale - Special Education Assistant

Team 7-2

*Stephanie Smith - Science

B.S. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. UMass Lowell

Jackie Monaco- Math
B.A. Stonehill College; M.Ed. Lesley University

Diana Lang - Social Studies
B.S. St. Anselm College; M.Ed. Rivier College

Jayne DiPirro - Composition
B.A.; M.Ed. Keene State College 

Lindsay Edwards - Literature
B. A. Saint Anselm College

Adam CunninghamSpecial Education Teacher


Sherri Nourse
 - Special Education Assistant 

Jennifer Ayotte - Gr 8 Counselor
B.A. Ithaca College; M.Ed. Plymouth State University

Team 8-1

*Jolene McWhirter- Science
8th Grade Science Website
B.Ed. University of Alberta
M.Ed - Rivier University

Derek Dane - Math
B.S., MBA Thomas College

Shoshana Crathern- Composition
M.Ed. in English from Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies

Stephanie Duxbury- Literature
B.S. University of Maine at Farmington

Mary-Ellen Hedrick - Social Studies
B.A. Southern New Hampshire University 

Kristen Mitchell- Special Education Teacher
B.A. Notre Dame College; M.Ed. Southern New Hampshire University

Ann DiPasquale - Special Education Assistant 
Loekie Pretorius - Special Education Assistant 
Lisa Robichaud - Special Education Assistant
Veronica Toohey - Special Education Assistant
"Where is home? Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness. Home is where the heart's tears can dry at their own pace." -Vernon G. Baker

Team 8-2

*Maureen Lynch - Composition
B.A. Southern New Hampshire University; M.Ed. University of New Hampshire

Ellen Knowlton - Math
M.B.A. Salem State University; M.Ed. Northeastern University

Kip Porter - Science
8th Grade Science Website
B.S. University of New Ha

Rich Salcito- Social Studies
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Cambridge College

Alexandra Ange - Literature
Ms. Ange's Website
B.A., M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 

Bonnie Heath - Special Education Teacher
B.A. Granite State College

Michelle Pace - Special Education Assistant 

Unified Arts

*Sandi Galle - Art
B. S. Plymouth State University
Kristen Sarno - Art
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Lesley University

Paula Hamelin - Healthy Living
B.A. UMass. Boston

Emily Johnson - Band/Music
B.M. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Kate Boisvert - Chorus / Music
BFA The University of the Arts; M.Ed. Lesley University

Steve Thomas - Technology Education

**Dave Brown- Physical Education
B.S. Norwich University - Military College of Vermont
Amera Brown - Physical Education
B.S. Keene State College, M.Ed. Lesley University

Mike Philion - German
B.A. State University of New York, Binghamton
Diane Pius - Spanish 
Spanish TrimestersB.A. State University of New York, Binghamton
MEd. Lesley University

Kimberley Tufts - Computers
B.S. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Dave Levesque- Computers
B.S. Plymouth State University; M.Ed. American Intercontinental University

Sandi Baier- Reading Strategies
B.S. New Hampshire College; M.A. Rivier College; Reading Specialist Certification Rivier College 

Soojin Stickney- ESOL
B.A. Ehwa Woman's University, M.A. University of New Hampshire 

B.A. Stonehill College, M.Ed. Lesley University

Michael Karthas- PACE Math
B.S. & M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 


Stefania Metalious- Library Director 
B.S. Plymouth State University, M. Ed University 0f Rhode Island
Daniele Guest  Library Assistant(BS Skidmore College)

Special Services

Melissa George- ISS Assistant 
Brenda Chisholm- Speech & Language 
B.S., M.S. University of New Hampshire
Rich Flagg - High School Coordinator
Kathy Pickering- Teacher of the Deaf 
Pam Trainor- SAIF 
Blair Carpenter- ISLE 
Isabelita Plante- ISLE Assistant
Christine CalderISLE Assistant
Sydney Berkman Lead Teacher NECC
M.S.Ed., Simmons College
B.A., Wesleyan University
Jacqueline Baron NECC
B.A., Smith College
Jackelyn Adams NECC
B.A., Michigan State University
Kaycee Kershaw NECC
B.A., Southern New Hampshire University
Julie Kratimenos- School Psychologist
Robyn Rios- High School Special Ed Facilitator
Bob Comtois- Truant Officer