GHHMS Academic Teams


* Denotes Team Leadership

** Denotes Assistant Team Leadership

Trisha DiGirolamo - Gr 6 Counselor 
B.A. Merrimack College; M.Ed. Plymouth University

Team 6-1

*Kim Parsons- Language Arts
Ms Parsons Language Arts Site
B.A.E. Arizona State University

Mary-Ellen Hedrick - Social Studies
B.A. Southern New Hampshire University 

Eric Werner - Math 
B.A., M.Ed. University of New Hampshire

Fran Leach - Science
Mrs. Leach Science Site
B.A. Rutgers University

Heather Dubois - Special Education Teacher

Salem State University

Special Education Assistants
Mrs. Cindy King
Ms. Trisha Korkosz
Ms. Suzanne Araldi


Team 6-2

*Russ Manchester
- Math
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 

Jayne DiPirro - Language Arts
B.A.; M.Ed. Keene State College;  Ed.D. from Rivier University 

Cynthia Strike- Science
Mrs Strike's Website
B.S. Springfield College; M.Ed. Rivier College

Russ Hamilton- Social Studies
B.A. University of Massachusetts at Boston; M.A.T. Rivier College

Cheryl Castagnino- Special Education Teacher
A.A. Keene State College; B.A. Notre Dame College; M.Ed. New England College


Jerry Kearns - Gr 7 Counselor
B.S. Merrimack College; M.S. University of Bridgeport

Team 7-1

Kate Burke - Language Arts
B.A.and M.A.T. University of New Hampshire

Katie Tilton - Math
B.A. Villanova; M.Ed. Salem State College

Derek Gustavsen - Social Studies

Danielle Paradis - Science
B.S. Plymouth State University
M.Ed from UMass 

Amanda Young - Special Education Teacher
B.A D'Youville College
M.S D'Youville College

Jackie Paton - Special Education Assistant

Team 7-2

*Stephanie Smith - Science

B.S. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. UMass Lowell

Jennifer Sullivan - Language Arts
Ms Sullivan's Literature Site
B.S. and B.A. Keene State College; M.Ed. Southern New Hampshire University

Jackie Monaco- Math
B.A. Stonehill College; M.Ed. Lesley University

Diana Lang - Social Studies
B.S. St. Anselm College; M.Ed. Rivier College

Ashley Peabody Special Education


Sherri Nourse
 - Special Education Assistant 
Marty Landers - Special Education Assistant

Jennifer Ayotte - Gr 8 Counselor
B.A. Ithaca College; M.Ed. Plymouth State University

Team 8-1

*Alexandra Ange - Language Arts
Ms. Ange's Website
B.A., M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 

Kip Porter - Science
B.S. University of New Hampshire Science

Derek Dane - Math
B.S., MBA Thomas College

Lara Owens - Social Studies
B.A. - George Washington University
M.A.T. - Cameron University

Kristen Mitchell- Special Education Teacher
B.A. Notre Dame College; M.Ed. Southern New Hampshire University

Loekie Pretorius - Special Education Assistant 

Team 8-2

*Maureen Lynch - Language Arts
B.A. Southern New Hampshire University; M.Ed. University of New Hampshire

Ellen Knowlton - Math
M.B.A. Salem State University; M.Ed. Northeastern University

B.S. Central Connecticut State University

Rich Salcito- Social Studies
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Cambridge College

Bonnie Heath - Special Education Teacher
B.A. Granite State College; 
M.ED from Plymouth State College

Michelle Pace - Special Education Assistant 

Unified Arts

*Sandi Galle - Art
B. S. Plymouth State University

Kristen Sarno - Art
B.A. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Lesley University

Paula Hamelin - Healthy Living
B.A. UMass. Boston

Emily Johnson - Band/Music
B.M. University of New Hampshire; M.Ed. Plymouth State University

Kate Boisvert - Chorus / Music
BFA The University of the Arts; M.Ed. Lesley University

Steve Thomas - Technology Education

Nicholas Morse Physical Education
**Amera Brown - Physical Education
B.S. Keene State College, M.Ed. Lesley University

Diane Pius - Spanish 
Spanish Trimesters website B.A. State University of New York, Binghamton
MEd. Lesley University

Dave Levesque- Computers
B.S. Plymouth State University; 
M.Ed. American Intercontinental University

Sarah Hicks- Reading Strategies                              
Ms Hicks Website
B.S. Secondary Education English from Cairn University 
M.Ed. Reading and Writing Specialist from SNHU.

Soojin Stickney- ESOL
B.A. Ehwa Woman's University, M.A. University of New Hampshire 

B.A. Stonehill College, M.Ed. Lesley University

Michael Karthas- PACE Math
B.S. & M.Ed. University of New Hampshire 


Stefania Metalious- Library Director 
B.S. Plymouth State University, M. Ed University 0f Rhode Island

Cheryl Vengren- Library Assistant

Special Services

Brenda Chisholm- Speech & Language 
B.S., M.S. University of New Hampshire
Kathy Pickering- Teacher of the Deaf 
Pam Trainor- SAIF 
Blair Carpenter- ISLE 
Joyce Calvetti- ISLE Assistant
Lisa Robichaud- ISLE Assistant
Isabelita Plante- ISLE Assistant
Christine CalderISLE Assistant

Jacqueline Baron NECC
B.A., Smith College

Robyn Rios- High School Special Ed Facilitator