GHHMS Clubs and Activities

AV Club
The Av Club is an after school program that teaches the students how to use video cameras and digital still cameras to communicate. The club has a formal meeting once a week and students who demonstrate their proficiency are allowed to use the equipment during their free period, lunch, or after school. The members are club work on projects that demonstrate what is happening at GHHMS. The club also works on news segments that portray what is happening at Hood to the public via cable6. The club also teaches the students how to take an idea and transform it to the TV screen. The students also have the opportunity to edit what they shoot and get a portfolio of their work at the end of the year. 

Art Club
Purpose: The purpose of Art Club is to give all students at GHHMS a chance to make and enjoy art and interact with other students who share similar interests.
Participate in a studio art experience! Past projects have included working with clay, paper mache, oil pastel still life drawings, watercolor paintings, tie-dye, paper making, and paper marbelling.
Schedule will be determined at the beginning of each school year. Dates of each club meeting and scheduled project will be provided to the student. There is no charge, but parent/guardian permission is required. Space is limited to 25 students. 

Book Club
The book club is designed to foster a love of reading. It consists of a group of kids who enjoy reading. We meet once a month for an hour, and students are able to lead honest discussions about what they read in a relaxed setting, without the pressures of being "right" or "wrong." Most books are provided by the club, and students do the reading in their free time between meetings. 

Boys Respect
This is a great group for boys to have a chance to really be themselves, foster new friendships, participate in fun activities, and realize just how much they have to offer.
We meet 1-2 times per month from 2-3:15pm. We often have activities planned or field trips off of school grounds. This club meets for the entire school year. 

Chef Club
Chef Club is an opportunity to introduce students to some fun recipes and cooking techniques. Students will prepare a variety of recipes and are welcome to share their own recipes with the group. 

Comic Book Club
Meets Tuesdays at lunch in the GHHMS Library. 

Strategic Game Club
Runs Tuesday and Thursday from October-February. Come in and test your skill in this most famous of military games. We also have continuous games of Risk (the battle for global domination) and Stratego (find the flag).Students play others in their skill level and "guest" participants show up to take on the club regulars from time to time. Come and join the action! 

Computer/ Gaming Club
Computer and Gaming Club will be starting in December. Come hang out with friends while playing a variety of games on the computer and gaming consoles. Each meeting is different with opportunities to use the latest technology with computers. Students of all skill levels are encouraged to join. 
(Please check announcements for any cancellations) 

Drama Club
Auditions will be held in late October for the upcoming Spring Musical! The play practices will run from November through March. Please see Mrs. Boisvert or Ms. Decoste with any questions.  For more information, please visit the KEYNOTES & THE GHHMS DRAMA CLUB website.

Girls Respect
This is a great group for girls to have a chance to really be themselves, foster new friendships, participate in fun activities, and realize just how much they have to offer.
We meet 1-2 times per month from 2-3:15pm. We often have activities planned or field trips off of school grounds. This club meets for the entire school year. 

Travel Club
Travel Club is an opportunity for 7th & 8th grade students to go on a trip over April vacation with their classmates, experience history, and have some fun! This year, we will be going to Washington DC. from April 22nd until April 25th. Please for more information. 

Homework Club
Homework Club is held most Mondays through Thursdays from 2:00 - 3:00pm in the library. Anyone who wants a quiet place to get their homework done or needs some extra help with their homework is welcome to come to Homework Club. You do not need to sign up for the club, just come whenever you would like to come. Once at Homework Club, students will need to remain there until 3:00pm unless they have a parent note giving them permission to leave once their homework is completed. Please see Ms. Hicks  or Mrs. Monaco with any questions. 

Husky Herald
The Husky Herald is the school's newspaper and Husky Morning Update, a Monday morning news show. Meeting once a week, students plan out and work on news articles, the morning show and creative writing pieces. Each month the Newspaper is published on our Gilbert H Hood Middle School's website, and it is additionally available to read in our school's library. Students who are interested in journalism, creative writing, sports, photo-journalism or broadcasting are welcome to join our team. We begin the Husky Herald each fall and it runs the entire year, publishing nine issues. It is a great club to keep up on the "goings on" at school, as well as being a great creative outlet. All students in all grades are welcome. Contributions from outside GHHMS students is encouraged as well. 

Jazz Band
Jazz Band is intended for some of our more advanced musicians to explore different aspects of music. Students must audition to get into the group, and should be taking private lessons. We meet two days a week after school until 3:15 starting the third week in September, and ending after the Spring concert in May.
Information - Very Important - If your child is involved in sports: 1. If there is an away game, go to the game and miss jazz band. 2. If there is a home game, come to the first half of jazz band. 3. If you miss jazz band on Tuesday for a game, come to the entire rehearsal on Thursday, and vice versa. 4. For weeks that there is no conflict with games, come to the first half of jazz band.

Lego Team
The Lego Team is a competitive team that has 3 months to design and program a Lego robot. Each year's challenge has several different missions that must be solved in under 3 minutes. Each year the team receives a new theme as a research topic usually dealing with local and global impacts such as alternative energy sources, food safety, etc. The team participates in regional competitions with the hope of advancing to the state level and possibly the world level. The team meets Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00- 4:30. Space is limited to 14 students and team selection is based on an application, essay and tryout results. "Sports for the Mind", teamwork and inspiration in science and technology are themes that represent the Lego Team.

Lego Club
The Lego Club is  a group of students that enjoy building with Legos. No experience is necessary, just a thrill for Legos. The group can build with regular Legos or learn the robotics type that the competitive team uses but in a relaxed situation. It is NOT competitive and runs in the spring (March to May). There is only a sign up and the club is limited to 20 students. It meets on Thursdays until 3:20.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
The Gilbert H. Hood chapter of The National Junior Honor Society is a student organization for seventh and eighth graders that is open by invitation. Eligible students are provided with an application during the month of February, with an induction ceremony held in the early spring.  The five qualities each member of NJHS at GHHMS exhibit are: Scholarship, Knowledge, Character, Leadership, and Service. As a result, eligible members are expected to maintain A’s in all academic classes as well a participate in various extracurricular activities both within and outside of the GHHMS community. Meetings are held every few weeks and are devoted to planning and completing service related activities. Members of NJHS at GHHMS are involved with the following activities within the GHHMS community:  Helping with Open Houses (both fall and spring), Food Drives, School Dances, Staff Appreciation Activities, and An annual spring dance held at GHHMS for area Senior Citizens.

Select Chorus
Select Chorus meets Mondays and Wednesdays as needed, all year long. This auditioned after school activity is targeted to those students interested in furthering their musical education and ability. We work on music that is different and more difficult than in 6th, 7th and 8th grade chorus. Select Chorus performs at both the winter and spring concerts as well as the Manchester Monarchs and New Hampshire Fisher Cats games.  We also have other performances throughout the year.

Stage Crew
The stage crew works closely with directors of the annual musical. Students are involved in the design, construction and painting of sets. During performances we are back stage changing sets, managing props, and  doing special effects. Stage crew meets the first week after Christmas break and runs on an 'as needed' basis.  The play is presented  in early spring. 

Spring Musical
Every year, almost 100 students become involved in the production of the Spring Musical. From acting and stage crew, to sound board and spotlight, there is something for almost every interest and everyone is welcome. Most parts are usually 'double cast' so that we can include as many students as possible. Tryouts start in late October and then we rehearse three to four days a week until the production in early March. Rehearsals generally run from 2:00 to 3:30, but are extended until 5:00 as we get closer to the production date. We do three day performances for 5th grade students from the Derry elementary schools and three evening performances for parents and the community. The Spring Musical is a fun and challenging event for students of all abilities. 

Ski Club
Every January GHHMS heads up to Pats Peak in Henniker, NH for Ski Club. Open to ski/snowboarders of all skill levels, Ski Club offers students a chance to take lessons, socialize with peers, and have fun on the slopes. The group goes to the mountain for five sessions. Additional fees apply. Rentals and discounted passes are offered to all participating stu dents. Come hit the slopes with the GHHMS Ski Club. 

Student Council
Student Council 6th and 7th grade delegates and 8th grade officers work together to create a sense of community, responsibility and pride among the student body, teachers and staff. Eighth grade officers are elected at the end of the school year by the current 6th and 7th grade students. Throughout the year, students meet to work on increasing school spirit. Student Council sponsors dances, ValentineÂ’s Day flower sale, spirit week, and car washes. In addition, eighth grade students participate in Leadership Day at Pinkerton Academy. Members attend a Student Council Conference to learn how to motivate and support their peers and entire school. A strong commitment to Student Council is needed by all members. Mandatory meetings are held 1-2 times a month usually from 2:00 - 3:00. 
Writer's Group
Meets on Thursdays at lunch in the GHHMS Library

The Yearbook Club is an opportunity for GHHMS students to preserve memories. The students work together to design the cover of the yearbook, and to organize the yearbook's layout. This club meets weekly and requires a strong committment to team work. The students are responsible for taking photos, attending events and committing to a weekly meeting for production purposes. As deadlines approach the students need to be flexible in meeting days as well as time commitments.