Special Services

Special Services

Becky Cuthbertson - Special Education Facilitator

Brenda Chisholm- Speech & Language

B.S., M.S. University of New Hampshire

Kathy Pickering- Teacher of the Deaf

Pam Trainor- SAIF

Kristen Boutin- School Psychologist

M.Ed, Ed.S. Rivier University

Blair Carpenter- ISLE Teacher

Cathy Crawford- ISLE Assistant

Lisa Robichaud- ISLE Assistant

Isabelita Plante- ISLE Assistant

Christine Calder- ISLE Assistant

Robyn Rios- High School Special Ed Facilitator

School Resource Officer- Brian Landry

Lee Holder - Social Worker

District Services

Cheryl Jacobs - Asst. Director of Special Services

Jessica Benson - Director of Supplemental Services

Barrie-jane Corey - Adult Education

Technology Department

Raymond Larose- Director of Information Services

Tracy Graham - Network/Web Administrator

Dan Scanlon - Computer Tech

Wayland Elwood - Computer Tech

Kerry Pelletier - Computer Tech

David Minkle - Media Director

Nancy Hoffman - Data Administrator

Dining Hall Staff

Manager, Manager


Paul Ellis - Head Custodian